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Created 5-Sep-12
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An icon writing workshop titled, Six Days of Creation, was held at St Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield, CT during the week of March 7th. Presented by Hexaemeron, a not-for-profit educational organization, the workshop gave participants the chance to learn the ancient technique of icon painting in the egg-tempera medium, according to Orthodox Church tradition and ethos. Teachers for the workshop included world renowned iconographer, Xenia Pokrovskaya and her protege, Marek Czarnecki.
Hexaemeron Icon Workshop, St Thomas SeminaryJean Mullen, 83 year old student of icon writing.Hexaemeron Icon Workshop, St Thomas SeminaryHexaemeron Icon Workshop, St Thomas SeminaryIcon by Xenia Pokrovskaya on display at the workshopIcon by Xenia Pokrovskaya on display at workshopEarly life of an iconHexaemeron Icon Workshop, St Thomas SeminaryIcon RecipeHexaemeron Icon Workshop, St Thomas SeminaryIconographer Marek Czarnecki illustrates highlighting techniques to student, Julie MullenIconIconIconIcon

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