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Created 11-Apr-16
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Great turnout at the annual parish brunch held at St Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield. Seating for 184 and almost all of the tables were filled to capacity. Honorees awarded the St Joseph Medal of Appreciation were Mary Oo and Kee Lar, both well deserving parishioners. Good food, some laughter, some prayer and a lot of raffle prizes! Thank you to all who volunteered time, gifts and cash.
And the Winner Is...Selling Tickets to the Parish BrunchRaffle Prizes for Parish BrunchPutting Tickets in for Raffle DrawingsRaffle Prizes for Parish BrunchTables Decorated for Parish BrunchWindow DecorationsOh to be a Spring flower!Wait Staff Prepares for BrunchTicket TakersHungry Families Coming InHungry Families Coming InFather Shanley Announcing the Parish Awards2016 Medal of Appreciation to Kee LarMedal of Appreciation Winner Kee LarThankful for Her Parish

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