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Created 2-Feb-15
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Saint Boniface Cathedral, St Boniface, Manitoba, Canada. The Mother Church of Western Canada, Saint Boniface Cathedral is a modern church built within the remaining walls of an older basilica that was destroyed by fire in 1978. Beautiful grounds and missionary history.
Row of Headstones in Cathedral CemeteryEarly Missionaries Jean Baptiste de la Verendyre and Fr Jean PieFacade of Old Cathedral and Saint BonifaceBishop Joseph Norbert Provencher Monument in Cathedral CemeteryStone Shell of the BasilicaEntrance GateAbortion Victim MemorialAbortion Victim MemorialSaint BonifaceCathedral Inside the Stone Shell of the Old Cathedral BasilicaShell and Rose Window of Old Cathedral BasilicaCathedral Inside the Stone Shell of the Old Cathedral BasilicaExterior of New Cathedral Inside the Stone Shell of the Old CathStone Shell of the Burned Out BasilicaNaive and SanctuaryMary, The Wooden Cross and Risen LordLooking Up from the AltarLecternNaive from the Front of the CathedralJesus Meets Saint Veronica

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