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Created 26-Jul-13
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Images from pilgrimage to Lourdes, France with some photos taken on day trips to the mountain commune of Gavarnie and seaside town of St Jean de Luz.
John Kelly with the BoysKnights of Columbus Tour Leader, Walter Kozlowski, 4th Degree KnGil Seda, sponsored pilgrim, and 4th Degree Knight Walter KozlowEthan Besas and Dad praying the Hail Mary during the TorchlightGil and Alice Seda singing Ave Maria during Torchlight ProcessioChristopher Canale's dad Dennis and grandmother Bernadette prayiOur Lady of Lourdes11 PM Mass in the GrottoGrotto of ApparitionsGrotto of ApparitionsCrowned Virgin Mary, Blessed Mother, Queen of the UniverseCrowned Virgin Mary, Blessed Mother, Queen of the UniverseCarol & Pasquale Decina at the head of processionU.S. pilgrims lining up for the Torchlight ProcessionChristopher and Michale Canale seranaded to sleep by Hail Marys

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