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Created 21-Feb-14
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Subset of photos from Lourdes for use in a parish sponsored gallery showing. Representative shots of pilgrimage - place, prayer, penance and play.
Isaiah Arocho and Julianna Edel Going to the BathsMalades coming to the Grotto in the rainHotels along the Gave de Pau RiverMass in the Grotto during the rainYoung priest in quiet prayer in the CryptRosary Prayer & OfferingBasilcas and Grotto from atop the Accuiel Notre DameMadonna University nursing volunteer Sharon DiFalco lighting torGil and Alice Seda singing Ave Maria during Torchlight ProcessioSt Bernadette Altar outside the Rosary BasilicaCrowned Virgin Mary, Blessed Mother, Queen of the UniverseCrowned Virgin Mary, Blessed Mother, Queen of the Universe

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