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Created 3-Jun-13
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Images of Israel and the Holy Land from Israel Ministry of Tourism sponsored trip through the Catholic Press Association. If you only make one pilgrimage in your life, the Holy Land should be your destination.
Outskirts of JerusalemFrom Mount Zion Hotel looking toward Ben Hinnom Valley in JerusalemModel of Old Jerusalem at the time of ChristStreet sign for the Via Dolorosa in English, Hebrew, and ArabicRoman game board in sidewalk in Old JerusalemOld JerusalemSchool boys celebrate the end of another day!Western Wall in Old JerusalemWestern Wall in Old JerusalemEntry into the courtyard of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, JerusalemChapel of Calvary, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, JerusalemChapel of Calvary, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, JerusalemVotive candles in Church of the Holy Sepulcher, JerusalemFranciscan procession through the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, JerusalemEntrance to the Tomb of JesusTomb of Jesus, Holy Sepulcher, JerusalemNY priests and Sarah Hayes, OSV editor, at the Stone of Annointing, Holy Sepulcher, JerusalemChurch of Pater NosterChurch of Pater NosterPalm Sunday Road heading toward Old Jerusalem

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Leslie DiVenere
These images are amazing. Really. They are not just pictures to look at, but they are more like personal memories, captured on film so anyone can visit, and revisit. It's as if I am right there, taking in the details of any given moment during that trip. Beautiful. Thank you.
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