Holly M.(non-registered)
Thank you for the beautiful pics of Cathedral of St. Paul . I’m a parishioner there. I’ve never been able to capture the beauty of this church in a photo. Amazing work! I converted to the Catholic faith there. These pics are wonderful:) God bless!
Kathy Salazar(non-registered)
How very beautiful the photography is. It is so very inspiring! Blessings!
Larry Maupin(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your talent and your photos. What a blessing!
Michael Garceau(non-registered)
Absolutely STUNNING photography! Amazing detail! Saving this in my favorites to look at again and again! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!
Karen O. Bray
Thank you for "taking us along with you" on your latest Holy Lands visit during the presentation at the cathedral today. Your sharing so much of your own experience there, amidst the blend of centuries, religions and restrictions, put the places and people in a context far beyond that of a travelogue. It was more like a pilgrimage. With your beautiful photos, and thoughtful and engaging commentary, you enabled us to "touch" the Catholic things you roamed around to find and to better understand the complexities of our Church there. We all appreciated it.
"Jesus can take the water of our loneliness, difficulties and sin and turn them
into the wine of encounter, joy and forgiveness."
Pope Francis

We Love The Mullen Family, Today and Every Day,
GPC, Sheila and Travis
The photos of St. Mary's Church brought back childhood memories of my Italian grandmother taking us to church along with my cousin ( early 1960's) . It was probably the most happiest time of my entire life. St. Mary's was a very sacred place. The priests were caring people and going to church was a wonderful experience. I always loved the church's windows and ceiling and the chimes and mass in Latin is still very vivid. Your photos brought very personal memories of a happy time. Please keep taking the photos. God bless you.
Greg Clairmont(non-registered)
Our Heavenly Father has blessed us All with your loving presence in His world. May the Love and Peace of His Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, which is beyond all understanding, bless you abundantly and keep you ever so close to His Heart.
Love You Moon and Julie,
GPC, Sheila and Travis
Jane Trout(non-registered)
What beautifuol memories these pictures brought back. I was a parishoner here and was married in the Cathedral in 1965. Just a beautiful church and your photos show it so beautifully.
Willena Martin(non-registered)
Nice to have met you this morning.
You do have wonderful vision!
The photos are beautiful.
Thank you for sharing your talent.
I hope you can enjoy our church and city a while.
Peace and blessings to and for you.
in Christ
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