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After many visits to Chicago I finally had the opportunity to visit Old Saint Patrick's Church, a mainstay in Chicago architecture. Being of Irish heritage and with my avocation as The Catholic Photographer, it has been a recommended place to visit by my Chicago friends. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Old Saint Pat's was founded in 1846 and is the oldest church in Chicago having survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. It's undergone remodeling and restoration along the way and today stands as the best example of Celtic art and design that I have seen. Much of the Celtic theme draws on the Book of Kells and so as you might imagine, it is quite intricate and beautiful.


Saint Patrick is front and center when you walk through the doors and images of the many great Irish saints are visible in both the windows and statues. Celtic knots and swirls dominate the walls and windows and so you know you are on Irish ground, even Irish Catholic ground for sure.


But, as I have found in some churches dedicated to Mary, the theme is not Christocentric. The understated Crucifix in comparison to the illuminated statue of St Patrick on the altar screen was notable to me. I'm not a theologian so my observations are just based on what I felt after spending some time in prayer in Old Saint Patrick's. It stands in contrast to Holy Name Cathedral in downtown Chicago where when you walk in the Resurrection Crucifix becomes your focal point.


I still loved my visit to Old Saint Patrick's and from everything you see around you, and through reading the weekly bulletin, it is evident the parish is both lively and very centered on the message and works of Jesus Christ. They just need a bigger Crucifix.

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The Blessings of Lourdes Crowned Virgin Mary, Blessed Mother, Queen of the Universe


I was asked by Columbia magazine (Knights of Columbus) to accompany 9 sponsored children and their chaperons to Lourdes, France for the US National Rosary Pilgrimage at the end of June. I didn't know what to expect and, with the illness of our own daughter, the timing for any of these trips is never optimal.


Well, it was the trip of a lifetime and as so often happens, my love for God went up another notch or two. No one should think this odd because the way our love grows for each other is through time together. The same holds true for spending time with him that is.


The article from Columbia magazine can be found here and is supplemented with a couple of "photographs by Bob Mullen". Extremely thankful the Knights of Columbus asked me to participate and put me in touch with so many lovely people. If you ever want a pick me up, go to Lourdes. You'll meet people with every malady known to man, but incredibly, most are joyful people. All are prayerful and carry the cross given them so courageously. It truly is inspirational and humbling at the same time.


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Good Things Come in Threes Entrance procession for the 50th Anniversary Mass, St Joseph Cathedral, Hartford, CT

The image above of St Joseph Cathedral in Hartford on its 50th Anniversary has just won its third award in the Feature Photo category. A first place finish in the annual New England Newspaper & Press Association competition, first place in the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalist competition, and this past Friday, an honorable mention award from the Catholic Press Association covering all of North America. Interesting secular judges found it more compelling than Catholic critics, but purely from the evangelical perspective, I think that is a good thing. I am both grateful and humbled by the recognition.

The photo was taken with a fisheye lens from about 100 feet above the cathedral nave. In my mind, I thought of what God might see looking down on the faithful come to pay Him homage in the Mother Church of the Archdiocese of Hartford. And while the people play an important role - there is no 50th Anniversary celebration without them afterall - the photo is primarily about the Cathedral itself. The fisheye lens allowed me to put on display the splendor and inspired beauty of the Cathedral highlighted by 50 foot images of the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, and Christ Seated in Glory in the stained glass windows.  

I'm thankful for my good friends at The Catholic Transcript, most especially the editor, Roberta Tuttle. She so graciously leaves a door open for me to send in photographs for publication whenever it strikes my fancy. And beyond publishing most of what I submit, Ms. Tuttle promotes my work through the various photo competitions. Being able to have a venue to share the beauty of the Catholic Church as seen through the lens is a blessing indeed.

And a final thanks to the Holy Spirit, and let's not forget my guardian angel, who must have helped me keep the camera steady while hanging over the cat walk railing high above the Cathedral floor. Not my photos Lord, but your photos through me!

Okay, enough said. I'm off to Disneyland! I wish.

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CPA Israel Tour 2012 Slide show of images from the Catholic Press Association tour of the Holy Lands in 2012 sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Wonderful host and tour guides took a group of a dozen CPA members to see the highlights of Israel and the Holy Lands. We had an unusual amount of rain for Israel during our week stay, but it didn't preclude us from any part of our agenda. To walk in the footsteps of Jesus, Mary and Joseph was humbling. To stand on the grounds of King David's psalms was magical. Jerusalem is my favorite place on earth.  The slide show is representative of all we saw of Israel, but insufficient to describe what you'll see when you take your own journey!

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Participant in New Book by Brother Mickey McGrath Through the years I have had the good fortune of developing a friendship with renowned Catholic artist, Brother Michael O'Neil McGrath a.ka. "Brother Mickey".  Last year he asked if I would consider participating as an author in his new book project, "Go To Joseph". The third in a themed series on the Holy Family featuring Brother Mickey's inspired art, 16 different authors were chosen to reflect upon the imagery and the significance of faith in their lives. I gladly accepted the offer and I am happy to say the book is out in publication!

I imagine my words may have an impact on someone at the right moment, but I know Mickey's heartfelt artwork will reach into the souls of all. It was a blessing to be a small part of such a wonderful book that will become a favorite for all those who love the Patron of the Universal Church, St Joseph.

You can order "Go To Joseph" through various sources including Amazon. Buy a copy; you'll love it! You'll love Brother Mickey, too!

A unique look at the artwork in "Go To Joseph" set to music can be seen in the video below.

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